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My name is Tarin. I love things. Most things. I love them passionately, with every fiber of my being. And then I put them on my tumblr.

All the fandoms. Daenerys and The Doctor team up to the soundtrack of Brand New! #gameofthrones #doctorwho #brandnew

I am Squawk. I look like a delicate flower, but wait til you hear me meow.



this is your periodic reminder that old-timey medicines did not fuck around

Yeah that’d probably handle a cough.

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I enjoy new lingerie 💕

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How do you argue with a man that legitimately thinks that gamers are oppressed and that minorities are the only oppressors.




Ya laugh at them and call them a fandom

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Since when does fandom = entitled assholes who don’t recognize their own privilege?

Sorry I wasn’t suggesting that, there was this great post a while back about the differences between masculine and feminine/queer fan communities and by and large gamersgaters represent the kind of male fan who is horrified by the creative feminine fan communities or fandoms (fanfic writers or artists for instance) so calling gamersgate a fandom or calling them a part of the videogame fandom pisses them off because it places them within and under the category they’re tryingnto destroy and reminds them of their increasing irrelevance though this may be overanalysis

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What do you want people to remember about Breaking Bad?
get to know me meme // five tv shows - Degrassi: The Next Generation